Sara Leavitt

Assistant Dean, Proactive Advising Initatives

What is your hometown? Litchfield, Connecticut

What did you study in undergrad? Psychology (University of Connecticut) Grad school? Higher Education Administration (Northeastern University)

What was your favorite experience as an undergrad? Studying abroad in Florence, Italy! I went in knowing no one and came away with some of my best friends to this day. (Not to mention the incredible food, sights, and travel opportunities!)

What are your interests/hobbies? I love spending time outdoors- rock climbing, hiking, and exploring new places.

What is your favorite thing about MIT? The beautiful campus and amazing community of students and staff.

What advice do you have for MIT students? Take your time – remember to breathe – trust yourself!

Fun Fact? I took up rock climbing after graduating college and realizing how much free time I’d have as an adult in the “real world”. I’ve gotten to climb in some really cool places- Yosemite, Acadia, and Red Rocks Canyon to name a few!