CAP Role and Function

The Committee is concerned with the academic performance of undergraduates. Its key functions include the following:

  1. Review of Petitions Requesting a Change to Student’s Academic Record: The Committee acts on petitions from individual undergraduates requesting changes to registration after Institute deadlines or exceptions to established academic standards. Petitions often seen by the Committee include requests to add or drop a subject, or change the grading status of a subject. 
  2. Enforcement of Credit Limits: Credit limits exist for first-year students, students taking subjects during IAP, and students on Academic Warning. The Committee considers petitions from students requesting permission to exceed the IAP or Warning credit limit, and adjusts the registrations of those students who do not comply with their limit within a reasonable period of time. 
  3. End of Term Academic Review: The Committee reviews the academic performance of all undergraduates at the conclusion of the fall and spring terms. End of term actions include imposition of Academic Warning for the following term or, when necessary, Required Academic Leave for a minimum of one academic year.
  4. Degree Candidate Review: In September, February, and June the Committee recommends to the Faculty candidates presented by academic departments to be awarded the SB degree.
  5. Recommendations to the Faculty: The Committee also makes recommendations to the Faculty on matters relating to academic standards, examinations, degree requirements, and grading. 
  6. Return from Leave: The Committee reviews the applications of undergraduates who apply to return from Required Academic Leave and Medical Leave.