CAP Membership

The CAP is composed of nine voting members and eight ex officio members.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor designates two ex officio members, the Medical Director designates one. Others serve in functions defined in the Faculty Rules. Ex officio members provide information but do not vote.

If you have a question for the Committee, please email or contact the CAP Administrator in room 7-103, 617-253-4164. It is not appropriate to contact Committee members directly to inquire about a decision or influence a vote.

Voting Members 

Of the nine voting members, six are faculty (including the Chair) and three are students.


  • Prof. Matthew A. Wilson, Chair, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
  • Prof. Ceasar L. McDowell, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Prof. James M. Lebeau, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Prof. Suzanne Flynn, Linguistics and Philosophy
  • Prof. Justin Khoo, Linguistics and Philosophy
  • Prof. Rahul Mazumder, Sloan School of Management


  • Mr. Subhash Kantamneni ’24
  • Ms. Favour Oladimeji ’24
  • Ms. Shreya Reshamwala ’24

Ex Officio Members

  • Ms. Leslie Bridson, Designated Representative, Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services
  • Dean Ray Feller, Student Support Services
  • Dean James Collins, Student Support Services
  • Dean Kathleen Monagle, Disability and Access Services
  • Dean David Randall, Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor and Dean for Student Life
  • Dr. Antonio Lim, MIT Medical/Co-Designate
  • Dr. Haleh Rokni, MIT Medical/Co-Designate
  • Ms. Ri Romano, Designated Representative, Registrar’s Office
  • Dr. Karen Singleton, MIT Medical/Co-Designate
  • Dean Elizabeth Cogliano Young, Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor
  • Dean Diep Luu, Office of the Vice Chancellor Designate

Staff to the Committee