Grading Policies for Undergraduate Students

The information provided below explains how undergraduate students are graded at MIT, along with policies outlined for each class year.

Upper-level students

Beginning in sophomore year, “A” through “F” grades will be reported, with “D” considered a passing grade. See the Registrar’s site for complete information about grades and grading policies for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students who enter MIT in Fall 2020 and beyond may designate up to 48 units to be graded on a Pass/No Record (P/NR) basis after their first term, and at any time during their course of study, as part of the Flexible P/NR Option. Details about the Flexible P/NR option are outlined on the Registrar’s website.

First-year students

First-year students are graded differently than upper-level students. For specifics on first year student policies, including the first-year credit limit, visit the Office of the First Year website.

Important caveats about the Spring 2024 semester for first year students:

First-year undergraduate students are covered by the new Flex P/NR grading option under which they have the option to designate up to 48 units to be graded on a P/NR basis after their first term and at any time during their course of study. Any subject is eligible for Flex P/NR designation including those that fulfill General Institute or departmental Requirements.  To use the Flex P/NR option, students must designate the subject(s) after final grades are submitted and before Add Date of their next enrolled regular term.