For Advisors

Advising Resources for Advisors

Advisors and Associate Advisors are crucial members of a student’s advising network. Below are advising resources specifically designed to support advisors and Associate Advisors in their roles.

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Information for Advisors

General Institute Requirements

Details on each of the GIRs including information and advice on appropriate subject options based on your advisees’ experience and incoming credit. 

Advising Calendars and Meetings

Important dates and deadlines relevant to your work with advisees.

Special Grading and Credit Limits for First-Year Students

First-year students are graded differently and are subject to credit limits—complete details are provided here.

Academic Tools and Resources

Details on tools and resources available to aid you and your advisees.

First Year Advisor Training modules (on MITx)

Undergraduate Advisor Training on Canvas

Online Advising Folder

Includes information, credit, and test results for your first year advisees

Academic Wellbeing Practices

Ideas and practices used by MIT instructors to promote wellbeing and engagement for students

Wellbeing Training Menu

Aggregated list of training sessions available to you on topics related to student wellbeing and support resources at MIT

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Information for Associate Advisors

Advising Calendar & AA Action

Important dates and deadlines.

Working with First-Years

The pages in this section focus on important aspects of advising and resources to help you support your advisees.

Becoming an Associate

Descriptions of the advising positions available, with links to additional details. 

Rewards and Recognition

We reward and recognize your contributions by giving you the opportunity to earn AA Points.  

Orientation and Training

We provide you with training opportunities to improve and practice your advising skills.  


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