Jordan Sell

Administrative Assistant

Photo: Jordan Sell

Hometown: Schwenksville, PA

What did you study in undergrad? Mathematics w/ double minor in Computer Science and Statistics & Data Science (MIT, class of 2023); Grad school? Higher Education Administration (Boston University)

What was your favorite experience as an undergrad? Winning the NEWMAC Softball Championship my senior year of college!

What are your interests/hobbies? I love exercise, sudoku puzzles, sports (baseball and softball), and Marvel movies/TV shows.

What is your favorite thing about MIT? The collaborative and supportive culture within the entire community.

What advice do you have for MIT undergraduates? Do not be afraid to take risks and explore areas outside of your current interests! It could allow you to discover a new passion and meet some incredible people.

Fun fact? My favorite kind of music is throwback pop music.