Elizabeth Young

Associate Dean & Director, First Year Advising & Programming

Photo: Elizabeth Young

Hometown: Canton, MA

What did you study in undergrad? B.A. in English (University of Rochester) Grad school? M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration (Suffolk University)

What was your favorite experience as an undergrad? I was fortunate enough to be part of a Charter Class for my sorority.  We are the founding sisters to a chapter that is very strong. I also was very involved in my class council which is probably how I ended up pursuing a career in higher education.

What are your interests/hobbies? I have 3 children so much of my time is centered around their pursuits and events. I enjoy being outside whether it is hiking, skiing or being at the beach. I am a member of a community philanthropy organization that strives to make an impact locally.

What is your favorite thing about MIT? Watching our students graduate at Commencement.

What advice do you have for MIT undergraduates? Do not stress or worry about having perfect grades at MIT.  You accomplished your first goal of being accepted so now you should spend 4 years making friends, learning new things and establishing a well rounded foundation for yourself to go anywhere in the world and make a difference.

Fun fact? My favorite place to travel is Breckenridge, Colorado on a few skiing trips with my family.