MIT’s academic advising hub for undergraduate students and advisors

For Students

For Students:

The UAC aims to provide individualized support, tailored to students’ academic and personal needs.

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For Advisors

For Advisors:

As an advisor, you play a critical role in mentoring and supporting students during their time at MIT.

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Performance art and science collide as first year students experience “Blue Man Group”

First year students from Course 5.111 (Principles of Chemical Science) were treated to a performance that brought to life the chemical structures and crystal field theory concepts covered in class.

The Art of Being FLI

The MIT First Generation/Low Income Program provides undergraduates with community, resources, and support as they navigate MIT.

3 Questions: Diep Luu on MIT’s new Undergraduate Advising Center

As the inaugural director, Luu envisions the center as a resource that will complement faculty advising and support the “whole student” during their entire undergraduate career.